Insulating Fluid Analysis

One of the most cost effective ways to monitor the internal condition of electrical equipment is to annually test a sample of the insulating liquid from the unit.  Accurate evaluation of test results can help extend the useful lifetime of the electrical apparatus and aid in preventing an unexpected failure of the equipment.  Analysis of a wide variety of insulating liquids is offered in accordance with ASTM and industry standards to meet our client’s needs.  Laboratory services are offered on a Customer Mail-In or On-Site Sampling basis as requested.

Analyses offered by United Power Services, Inc. 

Standard Screen and Moisture Analysis:

Water, Sludge and Acid are three of the most destructive agents in your electrical equipment.  These conditions can affect not only the oil, but the paper insulation and windings.  Water and Acid can cause premature paper degradation which can shorten transformer life.  Sludge can cause severe overheating and transformer failure.

Standard Screen and Moisture Tests Include:

  • Dielectric Strength ASTM D877 or D1816
  • Neutralization Number (Acid content)  ASTM D974
  • Interfacial Tension  ASTM D971
  • Color  ASTM D1500
  • Visual  ASTM D1524
  • Specific Gravity (Relative Density)  ASTM D1298
  • Moisture Content (Karl Fischer)  ASTM D1533

Dissolved Gas Analysis: ASTM D3612C

This test measures the combustible and non-combustible gases dissolved in the insulating liquid.  It can indicate arcing, overheating, insulation deterioration, and partial discharge.

Dissolved Gases analyzed for:

  • Hydrogen  H2
  • Methane  CH4
  • Ethylene  C2H4
  • Ethane  C2H6
  • Acetylene  C2H2
  • Carbon Monoxide  CO
  • Carbon Dioxide  CO2
  • Nitrogen  N2
  • Oxygen  O2

Furan Analysis: ASTM D5837

Furan testing determines the quantity of furans present in the insulating liquid.  Furan trending can aid in determining the aging rate of the paper insulation caused by degradation of the cellulose.

Metals in Oil (ICP): ASTM D7151

Metals in oil is a diagnostic tool for aiding in the determination of the location of an incipient fault in transformers, regulators and tap changers.  Evaluation of metal type and dissolved gas analysis results may assist in locating the problem.

Inhibitor Content: ASTM D4768

Inhibitor slows the natural decay of mineral oils and natural esters.  Proper levels of inhibitors can prevent damage to your transformer insulating system.  UPSI analyzes for both DBP and DBPC.

Power Factor Testing: ASTM D924

UPSI can perform power factor testing at both 25⁰C and 100⁰C.   Power factor testing can measure the changes in liquid quality due to contamination or deterioration of the liquid.

PCB Testing:  ASTM D4059

Gas Chromatography is used to determine each Aroclor® type of PCB as well as the total concentration present in the insulating liquid.  Results are reported in ppm (mg/kg) allowing for appropriate record keeping, reporting, handling and disposal of the liquid and electrical apparatus per EPA guidelines.

Corrosive Sulfur Testing : ASTM D1275 or CCD

The presence of corrosive sulfur in your insulating liquids can cause corrosion of the metals present in electrical equipment.  UPSI can perform either ASTM D1275 or a Covered Copper Deposition method depending on your needs.

Resistivity: ASTM D1169

Resistivity can indicate the presence of conductive contaminants in the liquid.  

Available Test Packages

United Power Services, Inc. offers several packages for testing.  You can choose a package or select individual analyses per your needs. 

Basic Package – Standard Screen, Moisture content and Dissolved Gas Analysis

Extendalife – Standard Screen, Moisture content and Dissolved Gas Analysis, Power Factor at 25/100C and your choice of either Metals or Inhibitor content.

Extendalife Plus – Standard Screen, Moisture content, Dissolved Gas Analysis, Power Factor at 25/100C, Metals and Inhibitor content.

Contact your sales representative for current Pricing.

Customer Mail-In

United Power Services, Inc. will provide appropriate sampling containers in accordance with ASTM D923 and instructions to safely sample your equipment by your technicians. Return the samples to the Nashville Laboratory for analysis.

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On-Site Sampling

United Power Services, Inc. will provide a trained technician to obtain a visual inspection of your equipment and pull the appropriate samples to be returned to the Nashville Laboratory for analysis.

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